Heating and control technology


Today the bathroom is one of the most intimate spaces in your home.
The temperature in your bathroom should always be pleasantly warm. Depending on the space, we look for the most suitable heating system that must be efficient in terms of space, as well as functional. Heating elements come in many shapes and sizes. From traditional heating installations and underfloor heating to heat pumps and solar boilers. We are always looking for a solution with a high efficiency and low energy consumption.
New combi boilers have increasingly high levels of efficiency, are cost-effective and provide a pleasant living environment. The choice of designer radiators gives your interior an added look. For example, the latest trend in aluminium designer radiators, which save energy due to quicker heat release.

Control engineering

A constant and pleasant indoor climate provides a nice feeling of comfort. Heating, cooling and ventilation are the most important factors in homes that influence the indoor climate. An optimal indoor climate can be achieved by properly coordinating systems.
A warm bathroom, a cool kitchen and a cosy living room increase the comfort throughout your home. By optimally regulating the temperature in the various rooms, you save energy and also enjoy added comfort.
We’re ready to exchange ideas with you and are happy to advise you on what best suits your needs. With us, the customer is central. We create your bathroom entirely according to your wishes, needs and budget.